Does Alaska Airlines Have Wifi Service?

Yes. Alaska Airlines offers Wifi on most fleets, helping passengers remain connected with their family members. You can add this service to your existing booking, paying associated charges. The Alaska Airlines Wifi service is offered to all operational destinations, excluding some sections of the world. Depending on your fleet generation, you can enjoy different types of Wifi connectivity. Learn about the services by going through this guide. 

What Types Of Wifi Services Are Served By Alaska Airlines?

The airline charges a nominal fee for Wifi services; however, the availability of in-flight Wifi service totally depends on the type of flight, flight routes, and fare class. Alaska Airlines has Wifi service on most flights; they offer two types of Wifi service: ATG and Satellite. 

Air-To-Ground (ATG)

The ATG service is available in Alaska Airlines' old aircraft. It is one of the earliest methods used by Alaska Airlines to offer internet connectivity through its planes. The airline mounts antennas on aircraft to pick signals. Through the installed antennas, the airline navigates signals from ground-based cell towers or orbiting satellites.

Fleets with Basic Internet Service

One Boeing 737-900All Boeing 737-700sAll Embraer E175s

Satellite Connectivity

New Alaska's aircraft have built-in satellite connectivity, helping plans form a more reliable internet connection through the plane. It is one of the fastest Wifi services used by Alaska, and with better connectivity, it helps millions remain in a virtual loop. The Saletlite Wifi feature may be pricer for you compared to ATG service. 

Fleets with Fast Internet Service

All Boeing 737 MAXAll Boeing 737-800sAll Boeing 737-900ERs

The airline may offer Wifi services in multiple other fleets. You will need to contact customer service for detailed information on Alaska Airlines Wifi services. 

Do You Get Free Wifi on Alaska Airlines?

Yes. Alaska Airlines offers in-flight Wifi service on most flights; however, in some fleets, the airline provides this service for free. In such planes, you will enjoy basic Wifi service with less reliable connectivity. To stream high-quality videos and enjoy a more seamless experience, you will need to pay USD 8 for Streaming-fast satellite Wifi. Purchase it to stream the latest movies and web series from Netflix, Hulu, or Xfinity. 

For a nominal fee of USD 8, you can remain connected with your world even beyond the clouds. However, for some destinations, the airline charges up to USD 25 or more for basic wifi service. The airline may charge you even more depending on your flight generation, mode of booking, fare types, and flight routes. Be in touch with the customer service team before making any purchase on your existing bookings. 

If you still have any doubts about Alaska Airlines Wifi cost, contact the customer service team at 000 800 100 1051. The team is available 24/7 and can help you solve all your worries immediately. So, what are you waiting for? Book your wifi service by investing a nominal amount and remain connected to your world while soaring above the clouds. 

Why People Choose Satellite Internet Service Over ATG?

Alaska Airlines offers ATG as Free Wifi services on the same planes; however, most people prefer Satellite Internet Service because 

  • It is more stable.
  • Better internet speed.
  • More coverage.
  • Better security.
  • Starts from USD 8 only.

For some fare types, the airline may offer this Wi-Fi service at no additional cost. Before purchasing Wi-Fi service, contact the customer service team and resolve any charges-related concerns.

How do you connect to Wifi on Alaska Airlines flights?

Alaska Wifi services are available on most flights, so you need to have a better insight into the process of connecting to Wifi on flights. Execute the steps mentioned here:

  • Turn on Airplane mode.
  • Visit the Wifi settings.
  • Tap on the Wifi tab.
  • Select the network.
  • Launch your web browser.
  • Type in the search bar.
  • Get connected to wifi and use it as per your preference.

With the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature card, you can enjoy Wifi at much more affordable rates. In addition to internet connectivity, you can enjoy up to 20% discounts, free checked baggage, and multiple other benefits. Connect with the customer service team and solve your worries confidently. 

Please Note

  • If you note an error while using the wifi, connect with the service team immediately. The team will make all reasonable efforts to resolve the issue. 
  • If you do not board the plane but book a Wifi service, you can cancel the service and request a refund by submitting the Alaska Airlines Wifi Refund form. 

Wrap Up

Who does not love to be in a relationship with the internet? In today’s world, everyone loves to remain in virtual loom. For them, the airline offers wifi service at a much lower price. Book the services as per your requirements; in any case, if you need any further assistance, connect with the team and solve the error. 

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