What is Alaska Airlines Policy for Unaccompanied Minors?

Does Alaska Airlines Accept Children Traveling Alone? (Minor Travel)

Yes, Alaska Airlines accepts minor children traveling alone under its unaccompanied minor service- Junior Jetsetters. So, if you have a child between the ages of 5 and 17, you can choose the Alaska Airlines unaccompanied minor service for them to travel on both domestic and international routes.

The airline welcomes all little unaccompanied guests to travel and also provides an escort service to take care of them. As a part of Alaska Air’s junior jet setter program, your child’s travel without any adult supervision is safer. To understand how Alaska Airlines accommodate minors and what the guidelines are, take a look at the subsections below:

What is Junior Jetsetters service on Alaska Airlines?

To be precise, Junior Jetsetters is an unaccompanied minor travel program by Alaska Airlines meant for children ages 5 years to 17 years. If your child is unaccompanied and you want to send him air traveling with the airline, you can take benefit of this program. Under this service, the airline ensures to escort your child safely to his/her destination.

Moreover, the airline ensures to supervise your kids all the time. Just make sure to tell them to follow the instructions of the airline’s staff, and send them without any more worries.

What do Junior JetSetters get From Alaska Airlines?

If you book your child’s flight to travel unaccompanied with Alaska Airlines, the airline will provide him/her with the following:

  1. A wristband and lanyard which is wearable throughout the flight until the child is handed over to the designated adult at the destination.

These act as a recognizing factor for employees to distinguish Junior jet setters from other children onboard.

  1. The airline will let the unaccompanied children do early boarding. Besides, the airline attendants do a special briefing for safety before the departure.
  2. If the child’s flight is over 2 hours and is in the Main Cabin, the airline will provide them with a complimentary meal option.

The pre-order meals option is available on the airline’s website or mobile app. Besides, if you are pre-ordering the meal for the first time, it is free of cost.

However, as an adult, booking flights for children needs extra care. You need to follow basic airline guidelines before you confirm the tickets for your child traveling without parental supervision.

What is Alaska Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy? [Rules & Restrictions]

If you wish to take advantage of the Junior Jetsetters service or simply wish for your child to travel alone, you need to know certain rules set by the airline. Here are the details:

  • To ensure the safety of young travelers flying alone and unaccompanied, the airline has a limited number of seats available for such passengers per flight.
  • The airline does not accept unaccompanied minors on a flight where there are chances of interruption of operation.
  • When the young traveler is sick or ill during the flight, Alaska Airlines will make every effort to contact his guardians.
  • If the situation comes where the child is seriously ill, the airline will turn to the appropriate medical person for help.
  • For any unplanned events or interruptions in flights, the airline requires guardians to approve rebooking.
  • The airline is not responsible for your child’s personal medication or for controlling or administering the same.
  • The young traveler can make phone calls to the guardian while the flight is still on the ground, and the supervising person from the airline approves it, too.

These are the basic guidelines you must adhere to. However, before anything else, remember to check the Alaska Airlines age requirements for unaccompanied minors.

Are there any Age Restrictions for Unaccompanied Minors on Alaska Airlines?

Alaska Air has a simple requirement of age where children can travel unaccompanied and take benefit of the Junior Jetsetters service by the airline. Let’s take a look at the details:

Junior JetSetters serviceNo child between 0 to 4 years can travel alone without an accompanying adult of age 18 years or older in any situation.MandatoryMandatoryoptional
Gate EscortNecessaryRequiredIf using Junior Jetsetters
Travel between 9 PM and 5 AMNot allowedNot possibleIf not using Junior Jetsetters
Guardian ContactNecessaryRequiredIf using Junior Jetsetters
Flights TypeNonstop or direct flights only

No connection if it is the last flight of the day

No layover of over 2 hours

If your children meet the age requirements, and you adhere to the necessary restrictions, your child can travel alone on Alaska Airlines flights. You can manage the Alaska airlines booking and make necessary arrangements in case there is a change of events.

Tips for Enhancing Your Unaccompanied Minor Flight Experience

  • Kids who hold MVP, MVP Gold, Gold 75k, or Gold 100k Mileage Plan status have their UMNR service fee waived.
  • US dollars are not accepted as cash payment for fees and tickets at Mexico stations. Use a credit/debit card or Mexican Pesos there.
  • Some airlines might not permit UMNRs on the same Alaska booking. If your kid’s itinerary has a non-Alaska flight in it, directly contact that airline. Inquire about their fees, age restrictions, etc., for minors traveling solo on Alaska Airlines.

What is the Fly for All app, and How does it Affect your Minor's Travel?

For minors who travel alone on Alaska Airlines with its Junior Jetsetter service, the airline has launched Fly for All app. This free app gives you more peace of mind by answering all your questions in one go. It is available on the App Store and Google Play.

The app is designed not only for unaccompanied minors but also for -

  • First-time flyers
  • Those with cognitive and developmental disabilities

If you have this app, you can rest assured that your minor can travel without any worries with Alaska Airlines.

How Much is the Unaccompanied Minor Fee on Alaska Airlines?

Alaska Airlines charges a certain fee for each age group of travelers, especially when they are minors traveling unaccompanied. Here is the fee breakdown for each age group:

  • For ages 0-4: Not allowed
  • For ages 5-7: 450/ way
  • Children between 8 to 17: $50/ way for nonstop
    • $75/ way for direct

If your child is traveling under any of these options, you can pay this fee and confirm their tickets without any hassle.

Rules for the Parents or Guardian and Gate Escort:

  • If you are escorting an Alaska unaccompanied minor to the gate or will pick them up after their arrival at the destination, obtain an escort pass. It is available at the ticket counter. You must reach at least 90 minutes early to get these passes.
  • Kids under 13 years of age with the child traveler and up to 2 adults are allowed through the security checkpoint.
  • The guardian/parent must be at the boarding area until the flight of the child guest takes off.
  • Duly fill in the Alaska Airlines unaccompanied minor guardian contact form at the airport. Mention alternative guardians on the form so that the airline can reach them in an emergency.
  • Provide the guardian’s valid photo identity proof of who will be receiving the child guest.
  • If your kid has to see a family member or a friend in a connecting city, call Alaska Airlines reservations at 1-800-252-7522 before the journey.

In Conclusion, be sure that your child travels safely with Alaska Airlines unaccompanied minor service. Make sure to abide by its policy and rules regarding the guardians. This will double-seal your child’s happy journey with Alaska. Also, remember the terms and conditions to follow when sending your child through Mexico, as it has its own set of terms and conditions regarding payment, etc.

Rest assured, Alaska Airlines booking, your little one is in safe hands. Purchase a ticket today and set them up for a remarkable trip with Alaska.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Alaska allows a 16 year old on its flight as a solo travelers, without an adult of 18 years accompanying them.

Stay in the boarding area until the child’s flight arrives. You must be listed on the guardian contact form and show a valid photo I.D.

Yes, you can send your 14 year old child on an Alaska flight to travel solo. However, you can opt for an UMNR service for their safety and comfort.

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