How Do Students Get Good Deals from Alaska Airlines?

Can College Students Avail of Discounts on Alaska Airlines flights?

No, Alaska Airlines does not offer any specific discounts for students as of now. If you are a college or university student in Alaska or any other state in the USA, you can not find a special offer made for you. But there are other options for customers through which they can save on flight booking and more. If you are interested in Alaska Airlines student discounts, you may get lucky with some third-party websites like StudentBeans and StudentUniverse. However, the deals available on Alaska Airlines are still a better way to save more.

If you are a student or any other individual looking for ways to save money on your flights, check the details below!

Are Alaska Airlines Discount Codes Valid For Student Travelers?

There are no student discounts available on Alaska Airlines, but they give discount codes that allow you to save up to 30% on a particular flight with the airline. These discount codes allow you to get cheap Alaska Airlines flights even if you are a student in any college or university. 

Their discount codes are the best options to spend less and enjoy some budget trips. The options include the following:

  • Military Discount Codes(for dependents)
  • Daily Deals
  • Seasonal Flat Discounts
  • Holiday travel offers

All these discounts give you a way to enjoy your trip without exceeding your travel budget. Besides, if you join the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan and reach an elite status in your membership. You can make your air travel affordable.

How Can We Save More as Students?

If you are a student and you don’t have any part-time jobs, you are presumably broke, especially when it comes to air travel. However, Alaska Airlines has some options for all its travelers, whether you are a student or a senior citizen. With a valid frequent flyer membership and a higher status(earned through flying short-budget trips), you can enjoy exceptional fare deals.

So, if you are a student trying to make an Alaska Airlines flight booking, follow these simple steps and earn while you spend.

  • Join Alaska Airlines Frequent Flyer.
  • Look for their low-fare calendar and book your flights.
  • Every time you book, you earn miles.
  • Reach a higher status by scoring some budget trips. (red-eye, wee-hours, off-season have flights, etc., low fares)
  • Once you reach a higher status level, you can benefit from complimentary seat upgrades, free checked bags, companion passes, etc.

These simple steps can make your air travel with Alaska Airlines affordable as a student. Also, you can save money for your future trips and/or assignments.

Do I Need to Verify Alaska Airlines That I’m A Student?

No, since the airline does not have any direct student deals, they do not ask you to verify your student status. Therefore, if you are flying with the airline, you just need valid identification proof issued by the US government or another and fly with Alaska Airlines.

However, remember that if you are flying under a frequent flyer status, you must verify it by giving your frequent flyer number to the airline.

  • For online reservations, you must log in with your frequent flyer number.
  • If you are making a reservation offline, tell the airport or call the agent your frequent flyer status information with a valid ID.

If you are booking flights with a third party like StudentUniverse, you must verify your student status with them. They may ask you for a copy of your college/university student ID to confirm. So, make sure to clear everything before you confirm your reservations.

Tips and Tricks to Save on Alaska Airlines Without a Student Discount

Want to save on Alaska Airlines without a student discount? Well, although students do not see specific offers from the airline, the deals and discount options are still available for customers. Here are some basic tips and tricks that may help you out.

  • Book early: The sooner you book, the cheaper your flight is likely to be. Whether you are a student or an adult looking for Alaska Airlines flights, advance booking always saves you money.
  • Be flexible: Travel on weekdays instead of weekends. It's usually cheaper. In short, be as flexible as you can to score a good deal when its available.
  • Sign up for email alerts: You'll get access to exclusive offers and discounts. The airline will offer you deals that are still not up on the website directly to your inbox.
  • Use a rewards card: Earn points/miles on your purchases that can be redeemed for flights.
  • Try alternative airports: Flying into a nearby airport could save you a lot.
  • Look for promo codes: Keep an eye out for promo codes online that can be applied to your booking to save you money.
  • Avoid peak travel times: Holidays and peak travel seasons tend to be more expensive. Try to travel during off-peak times to save money.
  • Consider a layover: A layover may take longer but can often be significantly cheaper than a direct flight.
  • Fly economy: Upgrading to first class or business class on Alaska Airlines can be expensive. Flying economy or their saver fare can save you a lot of money.

By following these additional tips, you can save even more even when student deals are not available for you by the airline. So, hurry up and grab your best option from Alaska Airlines today.

Final Words

Book your next trip with Alaska Airlines and save your tiny Student pockets from being empty. You can book tickets with the airline and get special offers to fly. The students may not see specific deals, but the available ones will definitely be worth the try.

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