User Guide to Upgrade Alaska Airlines Seat to a Higher Cabin Class

What is Alaska Airlines Policy for Seat Upgrades to Higher Class?

Long-haul flights in Economy are far away from comfort. But at times, people make the mistake of booking their flights in lower cabins and end up regretting it. However, Alaska Airlines does not let you regret any step. If you have booked your initial ticket with Alaska Airlines, you can opt for a seat upgrade to their Premium or First Class cabins and ensure your comfort, especially on flights with a longer duration.

Upgrading seats also requires the eligibility of the customers. If you want to upgrade your existing Alaska Air seat to a higher cabin with more comfort, you must know how this works. In our guide below, you will find the detailed seat upgrade policy of the airline!

How to Request a Seat Upgrade from Alaska Airlines?

Seat upgrades are available to you through various options by Alaska Airlines:

  • You can check your upgrade eligibility through Alaska Airlines manage booking and pay for a desired seat upgrade.
  • You can even ask for a seat upgrade at the airport or through customer service.
  • When you are booking a flight, you will get an option to upgrade to a higher cabin instead of your current choice. (if you are eligible).

The steps to upgrade seats are also as simple as booking; just determine your eligibility and make a request. Besides, if you haven’t already booked a flight, you get an option to choose a higher cabin while you are in the process. Check out the process of upgrading seats through the available options!

Upgrade Seats Through Manage Booking

  • Login to the official website of Alaska Airlines (
  • Enter the Manage section.
  • Provide your Last name and Confirmation code/ e-ticket number.
  • View Your reservation.
  • Eligible customers can see the Seat Upgrade option after logging in.
  • Follow the screen prompts to choose your new cabin class..
  • Choose a new available seat in your preferred cabin.
  • Pay the cost if necessary and complete the process.

The airline will offer you a new confirmation email with updated ticket information and seat details. You can also upgrade your seat on Alaska Airlines through miles instead of cash when making the payment. Just choose a preferred payment option before you proceed and book with ease.

Upgrade Seats at the Airport

  • Visit the airport desk of Alaska Airlines.
  • Talk to an agent regarding your seat upgrade.
  • Tell him about your existing reservation.
  • The agent will put you on a standby list.
  • The list clears based on an upgrade priority.
  • If you are eligible, the agent will upgrade you to the requested cabin.

Suppose you wish to fly premium class. Alaska Airlines agents will first check the upgrade priority list and then the number of vacant seats on the same. If both are clear, you will get your new seat.

Upgrade Seats Through Customer Service

  • Call 1-800-ALASKAAIR(252-7522) and follow the IVR automated menu.
  • Choose the Seat upgrade option from the main menu.
  • Connect with a live agent at Alaska Airlines.
  • Ask for available seats in the premium or first-class cabin.
  • Provide him with your upgrade certificate number (if it exists).
  • Get his help with the new upgrade request.
  • Wait for the confirmation from Alaska Airlines.

You will get a seat upgrade receipt or confirmation from the airline after successfully choosing your new seats. This process generally works like using Alaska Airlines manage booking option through customer service.

How Many Types of Upgrades Are Available with Alaska Airlines?

To upgrade your seats as per your choice, Alaska Airlines gives you two options:

  1. Complimentary Upgrades
  2. Paid Upgrades

You can choose an option depending on your Alaska Airlines fare type, upgrade eligibility, and Mileage plan membership status. Let’s check them out in detail!

Complimentary Upgrades

These upgrades are available for customers having an elite status with their Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan membership. Complimentary upgrades help those customers choose a seat upgrade to premium or first-class Alaska Air cabins without paying anything.

Premium Class Upgrades

Customers can get 4 inches of extra legroom and other Alaska Airlines premium class benefits with these complimentary upgrade benefits. This option is available within 24 hours before the departure until check-in for customers with an existing booking. Here’s how this works based on fare class:

Elite level membershipMVPMVP GoldGold 75K and 100K
Fare classY, B, or HY, B, H, K, M, L, V, S or NAll fares except for X
Upgrade Rules
  • Available after booking.
  • Only for customers with saver fares.
  • Discounted fares do not qualify for it.
  • Qualifying Elite customers can request upgrades starting 48 hours before departure.

Guest Upgrades

In this option, MVP Gold status members get Electronic upgrade codes to request their seat upgrades from Alaska Airlines. You usually get an “MVP Gold guest upgrade” link next to your confirmation code if you are eligible for such upgrades. You can click on that link to complete the request.

Upgrade Rules
  • Your eligibility may vary.
  • This can be used for friends or family flying together or separately from you.
  • The companion upgrades depend on your qualifying fare class.

First-Class Upgrades

Not all fares but some are eligible for first-class upgrades. With Alaska Airlines, you can request an upgrade to first-class cabins by determining your eligibility through customer service or your Mileage Plan account.

Upgrade Rules
  • First-class upgrades are not possible on all fare types.
  • Qualifying MVP members can get a complimentary option.
  • There is no refund if you want to downgrade your seat cabins later.

What is Alaska Airlines Upgrade Priority For Customers?

If you are trying to upgrade your existing bookings with Alaska Airlines, you can make a request, and the rest depends on your elite status. The airline has set up an upgrade priority list based on your Mileage Plan frequent flyer membership status. Here’s how the airline prioritizes each MVP:

Type of UpgradeMVP Gold 75K/MVP Gold 100KMVP GoldMVP
International Upgrade Certificates1 for 75K & 2 for 100K members each yearN/ANA
4 one-way first-class guest upgradesYesYesNA
Companion upgrades to Premium ClassYesYesNA
Companion upgrades to first-classYesYesNA
First and Premium Class upgrades on discounted fares120 hours before departure, 100K members get priority in the waitlist72 hours before departure48 hours before departure
Premium Class upgrades at the time of bookingAll faresY, S, B, M, H, Q, L, B, N, K, or Z faresY, S, B, or Z fares
First-class upgrades at the time of bookingY, S, B, M, H, or Z faresY, S, B, M, or Z faresY, S, or Z fares

After complimentary upgrades do not fill the space, Alaska Airlines creates a waitlist for passengers. Upgrades are then granted based on elite status, fare choice, and waitlist duration.

How Do the Upgrade priority and Waitlist work?

Upgrade Priority works in a simple hierarchy,

  1. They’ll grant it based on the Elite status level
  2. The airline will determine your Fare class
  3. It will review your Million Miler milestone
  4. Your Time of booking will also determine your priority.

Here are the Upgrade necessities:

  • Once you are on the upgrade waitlist, Alaska Airlines will continue to look for available upgrades and process them until approximately 1 hour prior to departure.
  • After check-in begins, the waitlist is available to view either via the mobile app, the gate information display, or on under flight status. Note that if you are flying on a Saver fare (booked in X class), you will not be added to the waitlist until within 2 hours of departure.
  • The gate agent will assign available First Class seats, even those not designated as "U" class of service, that are still available less than 1 hour prior to departure.

Final Say

With our easy information above, you can request an upgrade to first or premium class as you like on Alaska Airlines. For more details and information, you can get in touch with an airline expert and confirm your new seats.