How Do I Book a Seat of My Choice on Alaska Airlines?

Does Alaska Airlines Allow Passengers to Make Advance Seat Selection?

Yes, Alaska Airlines allows customers to make an advance seat selection for their itineraries through its interactive seat maps. If you are planning to fly with Alaska Air on your next journey, you can make it more convenient by choosing the desired seats. You can use the Manage option on the official website to make an Alaska Airlines seat selection online during or after your booking. Or, you can contact the customer service team of the airline directly for seat reservations. However, not every seat is available for advance selection, and the airline does not always guarantee you a seat you choose. To understand how seat booking works with Alaska Airlines, read more.

When Can I Select My Seats on Alaska Airlines?

If you are a customer with Main Cabin, First Class, or Premium Class tickets, you can make advance seat reservations through the Alaska Airlines website for free, even during booking. The airline does not have an advance seat selection option available for Saver fares at the time of booking. For instance, there are various ways to select seats.

  1. Choose seats while shopping for tickets
  2. Select seats after booking a flight
  3. Make seat selection at check-in
  4. Choose available seats at the airport

As you go from option one to four, the number of available seats becomes fewer and fewer. So, it’s better if you choose seats as soon as possible. This will help you get an option you like, be it a window, aisle, or exit row.

How to Choose Seats at the Time of Booking Flights?

To choose seats at the time of booking flight tickets, you can first select your itinerary and, when prompted, view the seat map to see available seats on the plane. You can also follow the steps below to select a seat of your choice while shopping for tickets:

  • Open the official website ( of Alaska Airlines and enter the booking tab.
  • Provide your departure and arrival details with your preferred travel dates.
  • Do not forget to choose a proper trip type, as the dates will depend on the same.[departure, return, etc.]
  • After that, enter your other necessary information for the itinerary and search for flights.
  • Choose the flight option(s) that you like and continue to the seating chart.
  • Enter the traveler's information with all the necessary details.
  • Select an available seat and see if there are any charges.
  • Pay the total flight cost, including seat charges & other extras.
  • Complete the booking process.

You will receive a booking confirmation email from the airline after successfully booking your flight with seat options. In situations where your selected seat is unavailable, the airline will try to shift your seat to a relevant available option if possible.

Will I Be Able to Choose Seats After Booking Alaska Airlines Tickets?

Yes, as mentioned above, you can choose seats after confirming your reservations with Alaska Airlines. You can use the Alaska Airlines manage booking tool and retrieve the itinerary for which you want to select seats. This option is available for flights booked directly through Alaska Airlines using one of the booking channels.

Steps to Choose Seats after booking:
  • Go to the “Manage” section of the Alaska Airlines website.
  • Login using your booking reference or reservation code with the passenger’s name as suggested.
  • Retrieve your booking details and click to edit the flight details.
  • Choose the seat selection option and continue.
  • View the seat map for available seats and select one.
  • Pay for the seat if applicable and confirm.

After this, you will get a confirmation from the airline with your updated seat information. This will also be added to your ticket/boarding pass later.

Can I choose seats at Alaska check-in?

Yes, you can check in online within 24 hours of your flight departure to select a seat. Here’s how -

  • Click on the Check-In option on the Alaska website.
  • To retrieve your booking, enter your last name and booking code.
  • Choose a seat with an Alaska seat selection option.
  • Complete the check-in process.

Please note

If you don't get a seat while you check in, the airline will automatically assign you a seat available at the boarding gate. When you can’t get an Alaska seat during check-in, the airline’s automatic assignment and your name will be called at the gate to board your flight.

What is the Seating Configuration on Alaska Aircrafts?

When discussing seating details with Alaska, how can we overlook its configuration about the same on different aircraft? So, take a glimpse of Alaska’s seat map.

Boeing 737-800

With 147 leather Recaro seats, it offers bigger commendable features like overhead storage bins, seatback outlets, award-winning Sky Interior, inflight internet, and entertainment.

So, you can select seats from the Alaska seat map of Boeing 737-800 and choose from its cabin classes that include -

  • First Class - 12 seats
  • Premium Class - 30 seats
  • Coach Class - 117 seats

Boeing 737-900 (739)

Featuring 2 Boeing 737-900 aircraft types, this series has a different number of seats in each. These Alaska Airlines aircraft allow you to choose from their seat map as the 737-900 series has 178 seats in the first and 181 seats in the second one. They have -

  • 16 seats in First Class
  • 24 seats in Premium Class,
  • 138 seats in Coach Class.

Other aircraft with their total seats are -

  • Airbus 321neo – 204
  • Boeing 737 – 9 MAX – 178
  • Boeing 737-700 (737) – 2 types of aircraft having 124 seats in the first and 126 seats in the second one.
  • Embraer E175 – 74

Once you know which aircraft you are flying with, you can easily choose seats on Alaska Airlines without a hassle. For more options, you can contact Alaska Airlines customer service and get instant help.

Can I Select a Seat Assignment on Alaska Airlines Flight Pass Tickets?

Yes, if you have booked your tickets using Flight Pass, you can select seats in the aircraft’s main cabin. However, the airline does not help you choose seats while you are accessing If you want to choose seats with a flight pass, simply visit Alaska Airlines official site and choose the “manage” option.

The airline even allows you to select the seats with the Alaska Airlines mobile application and during check-in before the flight.

What is the Alaska Airlines Seat Selection Cost?

A passenger does not need to pay an Alaska Airlines charge for a seat selection while booking. However, to upgrade your main cabin seat to First Class, the airline charges $15, except Saver Fare. This fare type has a restricted seat choice. Moreover, your Alaska Airlines cabin class determines the cost of selecting a seat of your choice. So, always check your fare rules and guidelines before making a selection.

Final Words

With Alaska Airlines seat selection policy, you can pick seats as per your preference and pocket and fly at ease. The airline has carefully devised this seating policy to impart optimum comfort and convenience to its travelers. So, pick your seats while booking, at check-in, and at the airport or on call. No wonder Alaska Airlines seat selection is also appreciated on Reddit by travelers. So, book your trip and choose your seat with Alaska for a remarkable trip.