How Can I Change My Alaska Airlines Flight on the Same Day as Departure?

Can I Request the Same Day Flight Change on Alaska Air?

Yes, you can surely request a same-day flight change on Alaska Air flights. You can move your 10 AM flight booking to a later flight on the same route and destination, depending on availability. Under the Alaska Airlines Same Day Flight Change policy, you can either get a confirmed rescheduling to a later flight or choose to fly standby as per the fare terms. Some fares are eligible for same-day changes, and some aren’t. The overall process and guidelines for making changes on the day of departure will depend on several factors. Keep reading to understand all the necessary rules & guidelines set by Alaska Airlines.

Types of Alaska Airlines Same-Day Flight Change

On Alaska Airlines, you can switch your flights on the same day for a later time at just $50. However, this is available when there are unoccupied seats on that flight. The same-day change on Alaska Airlines works in two different ways:

1: Same Day Confirmed Change

2: Same Day Standby

You can request these changes anytime while the check-in window is still open for your flight. Changing or requesting a change after check-in closes may result in cancellation, so ensure that you check with Alaska Airlines customer service beforehand.

How Do I Request a Same-Day Confirmed Flight Change on Alaska Airlines?

You can choose to change your flight time on the same day to a new confirmed Alaska Airlines flight with available seats for just $50. But, before you proceed, understand the entire process and terms related to making this request.

Same-Day Confirmed Change Terms

  • The new flight should be to the same route & destination.
  • Departure of the flight should be on the same day as the day of departure.
  • Request a change while the check-in window is open.

Steps to Request the Same-day Confirmed Change on Alaska Air

  • Go to the official website of Alaska Airlines.
  • Open the online Check-in Window.
  • Select “Change Flight.”
  • Request the new flight available on the same day.

You can also open the Alaska Airlines official mobile app on your Android or iOS and request the flight change. The airport customer service desk can also assist you with this change subject to the seats availability on the next available flight. You can call Alaska Airlines to confirm the seats and more, or directly request a change with their help.

What is the Cost for Alaska Airlines Same-Day Confirmed Flight Change?

When you book a flight with Alaska Airlines, you can change it online or offline for a small fee. Even when you manage your booking on Alaska Airlines on the same day as departure, you can request a new flight for a simple charge. Here are the details for same-day confirmed flight change costs:

  • For Alaska Air Shuttle flights (b/w Fairbanks and Anchorage, Seattle and Spokane, or Seattle to Portland), the same day confirmed flight change will cost $25.
  • The same $25 fee applies to flights within California.
  • For any flights other than those mentioned above, Alaska Airlines charges you $50 per flight segment.

After paying this cost, you can fly on the new schedule, as you will receive a confirmation with an updated flight number and details from the airline. Get a new boarding pass with the updated details and wait for your new flight.

How am I Eligible for Same-Day Changes on Alaska Airlines?

To check the eligibility for same-day confirmed flight changes with Alaska Air, verify the below options:

  • Your original ticket must be a confirmed booking on Alaska Airlines-operated flights.
  • Make the change request before the original flight departs.
  • The origin, destination, connection, stopovers, and layovers should all be the same.

Other than the above changes, check the terms for flying same day confirmed changes on Alaska Air, as mentioned before.

What are the Exceptions for Same-day Changes?

The below exceptions apply when requesting the same-day change policy on a flight operated by Alaska Airlines:

  • Saver Fare customers can not request these changes.
  • For customers with bookings in J and Y(First and Coach) classes, a change fee waiver applies.
  • If you are an MVP Gold, Gold 75K, or Gold 100k Mileage Plan member, there is no fee.
  • American AAdvantage Concierge Key, Platinum Pro, and Executive Platinum members do not have to pay this change fee.
  • Only a single fee applies to passengers in the same booking.
  • Group members can contact the Alaska Airlines group booking desk for these changes.
  • For Alaska Air shuttle flights, the same-day standby policy applies for free.

Remember to check with an airline representative before moving on to the flight change steps for a new flight on the day of departure.

Can I Fly Same-Day Standby on Alaska Airlines?

Yes, you can fly standby on an alternate flight with Alaska Airlines on the same day as departure. However, it all depends on your eligibility, the tickets you have, and the check-in status.

How Does Same-Day Standby Work on Alaska Airlines?

To fly same-day standby, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Check your eligibility.
  2. Make a request during online check-in.
  3. Go to the airport for standby requests.
  4. Reach the gate for the chosen standby flight as soon as possible.

These simple steps let you standby on a flight with Alaska Airlines. You can further check the eligibility criteria below.

What are Alaska Airlines Same-Day Standby Eligibility Criteria?

To check if you are eligible to fly on an alternate flight with Alaska Airlines as a standby passenger on the same day if the following conditions are upheld:

  • You are not a passenger with a Saver Fare ticket.
  • You have a nonstop flight with Alaska Airlines Shuttle:
    • Between Anchorage & Fairbanks
    • Seattle & Spokane
    • Seattle & portland.
  • For a connecting itinerary that includes flights between the shuttle cities, you can only choose those flights as standby. To request this, you may visit the airport help desk of Alaska Airlines.
  • If you have a refundable ticket in First Class or Main Cabin that qualifies for a same-day confirmed flight change. This rule applies to fare class Y or J.
  • However, if you are an MVP® Gold Mileage Plan member or traveling in the same reservation as one, you can make a same-day confirmed flight change.

In any of the above conditions, if the desired flight is not available, you can not make a confirmed change.

Final Words

You can change your flight with Alaska Airlines on the same day as departure to fly on a new confirmed flight or choose to fly standby on eligible bookings. Follow Alaska Airlines for more information and sign up for their newsletter to keep track of their policies & new changes.

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