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Is Premium Class of Alaska Airlines Worth the Experience?

Standard Alaska Airlines main cabin seats seem okay, but when you compare them with its premium options, there’s much more to experience. So, yes, if you book Alaska Airlines Premium Class seats, you get additional perks to enjoy, making your overall flight a joyful ride.

If you want to stretch out while you fly, but booking first-class seats for this small need seems too expensive for you, the premium cabins are your safety net. Alaska Airlines offers a few inches of extra legroom in those cabins for passengers who seek comfort in air travel.

But is that it? Or do you get more by booking these premium seats? Read our detailed guide below to find out how Alaska Air’s premium cabins are worth the experience for you!

How Do I Book Premium Class Tickets on Alaska Airlines?

If you would like to add more inches of legroom to your next air trip with Alaska Airlines, you can try and upgrade to their premium-class seats. The airline lets you upgrade your main cabin seats to premium class both at the time of booking and through manage flights.

Get a Premium Seat at the Time of Booking

  • Open the official Alaska Airlines website.
  • Login to your account, or begin as a guest.
  • Enter the booking section.
  • Provide your itinerary information.
  • Choose your upgrade options if you have an elite status.
  • Click to find flights.
  • From the displayed list, choose a preferred flight.
  • Continue to select between Saver, Main Cabin, or First Class.

*Saver and Main cabin bookings will have the option to upgrade to a higher class for eligible customers and routes.*

  • Select the added fare and continue.
  • Enter the passenger information.
  • Choose your seats in the upgraded cabin.
  • Complete your booking.

Remember that not all destinations and routes have Alaska Airlines first class or premium class cabins. So, if your selected routes do not have these cabins, you won’t get an option to upgrade to premium class.

Upgrade to Premium Class Cabins

You can also upgrade to premium class seats or cabins with Alaska Airlines. You can choose to upgrade seats on an existing booking using your mileage plan miles or cash online or connect via customer service. Here are the basic steps:

  • Login to Manage Trip on the airline’s website.
  • Or choose upgrade to premium link on the Alaska Airlines premium class page.
  • Enter your ticket details and view your booking.
  • Eligible customers will get an option to upgrade to premium.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts and complete the process.
  • Pay the necessary fee and confirm.

The airline will review your request and send you a confirmation to your registered email address. Use this information to get your boarding pass further and request other amenities along with your Alaska Airlines premium class bookings.

Become a Mileage Plan Member and Get Free Upgrade Benefits

Any Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan member with MVP, GOLD MVP, or GOLD 75k elite status gets free upgrade benefits from the airline. So, if you want to book premium class tickets on Alaska Airlines, become a Mileage plan member. The airline offers complimentary upgrades and free upgrade certificates to eligible members, which help them upgrade their fares to higher-class cabin seats. However, this also depends on the fare you have currently booked. Sometimes, saver fares do not qualify for upgrades. So, check your eligibility while you are trying to book one.

What Does Alaska Airlines Premium Class Include?

Every premium class cabin on Alaska Airlines includes a range of services that you do not find with their Main Cabin or Saver fare tickets. From ground benefits to onboard assistance, there’s a perk for your every need. Let’s check them out in detail below!

More Legroom

You can enjoy 4 inches of more legroom than Main Cabin seats with your Premium Class seats on Alaska Airlines flights. The airline allows you to stretch out more with this spacious seating option with custom-designed Leather seats from Recaro.

Fresh Local Food

With premium class booking, you can enjoy free cocktails, beer, and wine. Also, you can savor fresh meals and snacks inspired by cuisine and breweries from the West Coast. You can choose from a selection of options and enjoy a premium experience onboard.

High-Speed Wifi

Alaska Airlines has been shifting to satellite Wi-Fi, offering a 20 times faster service than a basic streaming experience. You can pay a small $8 fee to enjoy an uninterrupted high-speed connection on the go and browse what you like until you reach your destination.

Board and Get-Off Early

The premium cabin also comes with the advantage to board and deplane earlier. So, if you book your flights, you will be able to board and leave the plane earlier than others, making it an interesting experience.

Free Entertainment

Alaska Airlines offers around 800+ free movies and TV show options, which you can watch on your personal device. Just attach your phone to the seat in front of yours in the premium cabin and stream what you like from the available options.

Pre-Order Meals

With premium cabin bookings, you can also pre-order fruit and cheese platters. If your trip is above 1100 miles, you can book an available platter starting 2 weeks from the departure date up to 20 hours before the flight.

So, you can use Alaska Airlines manage booking and upgrade your seats today to enjoy all the benefits that come along.

How Much Does it Cost to Upgrade to Premium Cabins on Alaska Air?

Alaska Airlines Premium Class seats are only available for upgrades, whether at the time of the booking or using the manage booking feature. You can get your seats on a Premium Cabin by choosing to upgrade your general fare. The upgrade cost starts at just $15 each, and customers can benefit the most with this small option.

Is premium class the same as first class on Alaska Flights?

No. Alaska Airlines offers a separate cabin class known as Premium Class, which is positioned between First Class and Saver Fares. Although there are similarities in the services and amenities provided in the cabins, there are some differences as well.

  • Premium Class seats are not as spacious as First Class.
  • The food and beverage options are more limited compared to First Class.

To learn more about the differences between these two classes, you can refer to the Alaska Airlines Premium Class vs. First Class options.

What You Don’t Get in Alaska Airlines Premium Class?

There are many perks to booking Premium class seats with Alaska Airlines. But there are some things which the airline has not included. For example:

  • You won’t find Lie-Flat seats on the plane.
  • There aren’t any entertainment screens.
  • No extra or lavish meals are available for customers.

If you want to enjoy high-quality and full-course meals or more such options, you can book Alaska Airlines first-class seats.

Which Alaska Airlines Aircrafts Offer Premium Cabins?

You can find Premium Alaska Airlines Cabin termed as its Premium Class on some selected flights. The number of benefits and features also depends on several factors. The airline offers its premium class seat benefits in:

  • Boeing 737-800
  • Boeing 737-900
  • Boeing 737-900ER
  • Airbus A319
  • Airbus A320
  • Embraer E175 (operated by SkyWest)

The airline’s website can give you a clear idea about where and how to find such seating options. You can speak with the customer service agents for more information.

Does Alaska Air Premium Class include bags?

Yes, with premium class booking on Alaska Airlines, you get a free baggage allowance on checked bags. So, along with the carry-on and hand luggage, two check-in bags are also added to your itinerary without a cost. After that, the standard baggage fee of $100 will apply to the third checked bag.

Check the detailed baggage allowance by Alaska Airlines and review the different baggage options you have. Do not forget to review excess baggage charges and limits to avoid being charged extra money.

Final Words

Still in search of a premium onboard experience? Now, choose Alaska Airlines Premium Class and get ready to stay ahead of the travel game. You can enjoy such exceptional amenities and take benefit of the airline’s services with a quick booking or upgrade request. Remember that the airline considers upgrades as per your mileage plan status. So, become a member before you look for your options, and you will realize that it is worth the experience.

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