Does Alaska Have A Pregnancy Policy?

Pregnancy is a joyful ride, one of the sweetest phases of life. When you find out you're going to be a mother, you experience an overwhelming rush of emotions and embark on a journey filled with excitement. In situations like these, you must amend your travel plans, but if you still need to fly, confidently choose Alaska Airlines as your trusted travel companion. With the Alaska Airlines Pregnancy Policy, you can feel assured during your upcoming journey. Continue with the blog to learn more about the associated guidelines, process, fees, and other aspects of the pregnancy policy. 

What Is The Alaska Pregnancy Policy?

The Alaska Pregnancy Policy allows you to experience the magic of assurance even beyond the cloud. You do not need to present medical records if you are booking flight tickets directly from the airline and are traveling during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy. The airline understands during the pregnancy phase, you need to deal with many uncertainties. To elevate your flight experience, the airline has set a streamlined policy. Let’s discover more about them through the following points:

  • The airline does not allow pregnant women to travel on long durational flights. If they need to, they must carry a medical report and letter from their physicians stating they qualify for air travel. 
  • For some routes, the airline will ask to submit a medical report and a letter signed by the assistance coordinator if they are in the 32nd week of pregnancy. 
  • You will need to go through the body check-up within 48 to 72 hours prior to the scheduled departure. Carry your doctor's reports and fly with more confidence.
  • The airline may limit the number of stops. If you are planning an international journey, you will need to discuss it with Alaska Airlines, as their pregnancy policy may not allow you to fly.
  • If you are in the last week of delivery, you will need to inform the airline ahead of time. Share all your physical restrictions with Alaska Airlines. 
  • For standard operating procedures, the airline may allow pregnant women to fly until the 36th week of their pregnancy.
  • The airline asks pregnant passengers to choose extra legroom or aisle seats, which helps them feel more at ease during the flight. 

Do You Need A Medical Certificate To Fly When Pregnant?

According to the Alaska Airlines Pregnancy Travel Policy, you do not need to present medical documentation if you are flying within the first 28 weeks or before the third trimester. The airline also allows you if you are flying with an uncomplicated pregnancy and your doctor shares your medical state. You do not need to bring any additional documents. However, for some destinations, the airline may ask you to share pregnancy-related medical documentation from approved institutions.

How Many Weeks Pregnant Can Fly Alaska Airlines?

The airline has a different perspective on the cut-off time for pregnancy. In a normal pregnancy, the airline sets the limit at 36 weeks; however, if you are having twins, the cut-off time will be 32 weeks. You will need to make proper arrangements to enjoy a hassle-free flight journey. For more details on the Alaska Airlines Policy on Pregnancy time limit, you will need to make communication with the customer service team. Reach them at 000 800 100 1051 and solve your concern effectively. You can also request additional assistance if you need it during your flight journey.

What Documents Does A Pregnant Lady Need To Carry?

Flying with Alaska Airlines gives you a chance to elevate your flying experience during your challenging phase. The airline offers one of the safest air travel options to pregnant women. However, to enjoy a hassle-free journey, you will need to present the following documents:

  • An approved letter from medical institutions.
  • Medical reports with proper information on your body state.
  • A signed document from a healthcare provider or your physician. 
  • Fit to travel letter.
  • Carry your passport and visa documents. 
  • Government approved letter(if asked).
  • If you need any additional assistance, submit your health certificates.

Please note

If you are carrying medical devices, you may need to contact the customs office. Report the assistive devices to Alaska Airlines, and they will make arrangements according to the pregnancy policy. 

How to book tickets for pregnant women over the phone?

Grab your phone, execute the steps discussed here, and book your tickets during your pregnancy phase.

  • Dial the Alaska Airlines customer service number 000 800 100 1051.
  • Select the language.
  • Follow IVR prompts to select the booking option.
  • Ask the assigned agent to initiate the booking process.
  • The agent will check the availability.
    • In some scenarios, the airline offers special discounts to pregnant passengers.
  • Choose the journey at your convenience.
    • Consider your departure date carefully. It's best to choose a date that is at least four weeks before your expected delivery date. 
  • Follow their instructions and make the final payment.
  • Once you make the payment, the airline will send you a confirmation mail. 

Guidelines for a hassle-free flight journey

  • Wear a comfortable dress and footwear.
  • Take care of medication.
  • Reach the airport at least 180 minutes before departure.
  • Carry healthy foods that are determined in your diet plan.
  • If needed to fly in long haul flights, choose aisle and extra legroom seats for added comfort.
  • Limit movement during flight.
  • Be with someone who will take care of you during your stay.

Wrap Up

Pregnancy is a wonderful state in a woman's life. Everyone who went through this joyful ride will understand the importance of being a mother, so if you can pause your traveling duties during your last phase of pregnancy. However, if you need to fly, you must connect with the customer service team and clear the required guidelines mentioned in the Alaska Pregnancy Policy. Plan your journey in advance and make all suitable arrangements according to your physical and emotional needs.

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