Does Alaska Airlines Offer Military Discounts?

All You Should Know About Alaska Airlines Military Discount

Yes, Alaska Airlines provides discounts to the military officials. The Alaska Airlines military discount is a token of appreciation for their service. With Alaska, you can save 5% on your flight tickets. The airline feels grateful for the selfless services that active duty military officials and veterans offer to the country. So, this way the airline expresses its deepest and sincere gratitude to the US military members.

If you are one of the US military personnel and have a trip coming up, count on Alaska Airlines. It makes your travel more convenient, affordable, and full of perks. Fly anywhere in the United States, Canada, Costa Rica, and Mexico with Alaska at pocket-friendly fares.

Now, let’s go through the account below to know more about military discount fares that Alaska offers.

Who is Eligible to Use an Alaska Airlines Military Discount?

With Alaska Airlines, active duty military personnel and their families get a booking discount by using a code given. Here are the eligibility criteria to know if you can avail of this discount.

Military Officials Eligibility

So, to qualify to grab a military discount on Alaska, military officials should -

  • Fly on officially granted leaves, also known as official excused absence.
  • Be discharged from military services in any of the US military agencies
  • On military reserves on active duty

Please note

Discharged military officials must complete their trip within 7 days of discharge.

Military Dependents Eligibility

The immediate family members of US active duty military personnel can also utilize the discounted fare. However these family members should be -

  • Spouse/dependents of 10 years of age or older with dependent ID
  • Children between 2 to 9 years old

How to Book Alaska Tickets with Military Discount?

To book Alaska Airlines military discount tickets, you have to contact the airline’s customer service representative.

Here is the contact information to get in touch with the airline for your military fare ticket booking -

  • Reservations and customer service: 1-800-252-7522
  • Dial 711 for Hearing and speech impaired (TTY) relay services
  • Accessible services:1-800-503-0101

Please note

You can book tickets on military fare only by phone.

What are the Alaska Airlines Military Benefits?

You are enjoying discounted flight fares with military fares that Alaska offers you. What about some more advantages that the airline offers you with military fares? Well, let’s take a look at some of the Alaska Airlines military benefits that enhance your travel experience.

Receive a Veterans Advantage discount

Veterans Advantage members get a discount on flight ticket bookings with Alaska. Are you a Veterans Advantage member? Simply sign in to your VetRewards account and redeem your discount.

Not yet joined the Veterans Advantage program? Join it today and save on your trips with Alaska Airlines.

Visit an Alaska Lounge

U.S. military personnel get complimentary day passes for an Alaska flight departing within 3 hours. However, they must be in uniform to grab this advantage. Other military officials on active duty can pay $30 for this day pass.

Save on snacks

All the military officials and their families can buy food onboard at a 15% discount. Simply show your military ID to a flight attendant and savor your favorite snacks at discounted prices.

Check free bags

Moreover, Alaska Airlines allows military personnel and their dependent(s)with the first 5 checked baggage for free. However, you must make sure that each bag must fulfill the weight and size restrictions of the airline.

On Alaska Airlines, your military baggage should be within 70 pounds weight and up to 115" (linear) dimension.

Flying with pets

Do you have proper documents for trained service animals? Then, they can travel free with you. Alaska Air Cargo also offers a pet shipping discount to you and your dependents. To get the cargo discount, you must follow these rules -

  • When making payment and at the airport present an original military I.D., indicating Uniformed Services.
  • Provide military orders indicating Permanent Change of Station (PCS) during acceptance within 60 days of reporting. It is mandatory for the orders to go under review during tender.
  • You must pay AVI (automated vehicle identification) rate if -
    • Orders are not provided or
    • Are beyond the date range

Please note

  • Discount is applicable only to pets as cargo for shipments on official orders.
  • Commercial shipments or personal moves don’t get discounts.

Get onboard early

The Alaska Airlines gate agent offers active duty military members an early boarding opportunity. As you hop on the flight early, you get more time to settle and stow your bags than other travelers.

What Other Rules are Applied to Alaska Military Discount?

In addition to the rules mentioned above, military personnel must keep the following rules in mind while booking with discounted fares.

  • Carry a valid ID that belongs to the active duty US Armed Forces.
  • The discount is valid for Alaska Airlines and/or Alaska operated flights with Skywest, Horizon, and PenAir.
  • Fees related to the fare are applicable that includes name transfer and change fees.
  • Provide additional documents as proof if the name of a kid, spouse, or any dependent is different from the military passenger.

In Conclusion

Ready to fly with Alaska Airlines military discount tickets? Save on your bookings and enjoy the perks that the airline offers you. Moreover, every time you fly with military fare, earn Mileage Plan miles.

So, don’t worry about the destination that you have to travel to, Alaska presents its services as a salute to you. Also, the airline takes care of your families and always expresses its heartfelt gratitude.

No wonder Alaska Airlines is preferred for military discount bookings and its Reddit ratings prove the same.

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