How can I Earn miles through the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan?

Does Alaska Airlines Reward its Loyal Customers?

Yes, Alaska Airlines never puts behind its loyal customers. The airline offers a special loyalty program for those who like traveling and put their trust in its services. You can become an Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan member for free and start earning miles on every qualifying flight you take. This program makes you eligible to earn miles on Alaska Airlines-operated flights, oneworld alliance airlines, global partners, etc. You can have a taste of award travel with Alaska Airlines and be an MVP elite with this program. But there’s a lot to experience and understand before you start redeeming points. Let’s find out bit by bit.

How Do I Become a Mileage Plan Member on Alaska Airlines?

If you are planning to fly Alaska Airlines and you have a few minutes to spare, you can easily sign up for their Mileage Plan membership. The airline allows you to become a member for free. Just fill out a simple form, and you are good to go. Let’s look at the steps to join the Mileage plan.

  • Log in to the Alaska Airlines website (
  • Go to the Mileage Plan Tab.
  • Click on the “Join” option in the below Membership section.
  • After this, you need to fill out the form.
  • Provide your personal details
    • First Name
    • Middle Name
    • Last Name
    • Suffix
    • DOB
  • Enter your contact and email with the country code for phone number.
  • Provide your Mailing address with zip code and primary departure city.
  • Create a User ID and Password.
  • Choose whether you want to get email alerts for deals
  • Click “Join Mileage Plan,” and you are officially a member now.

Make sure to enter details for all the fields labeled with an “*” asterisk, as they are mandatory. You also need to comply with the ID and Password rules. Let’s check them out.

Rules to Create Mileage Plan User ID and Password

  • User ID should have a minimum of 7 characters and at least one letter.
  • You can not use spaces or symbols in the User ID.
  • Your Password must include at least 8 characters.
  • 1 uppercase and 1 lowercase letter are a must for passwords.
  • You also need to use at least one number in the password.

When you join the Mileage plan on Alaska Airlines, you must comply with its Terms and conditions and check with airline partners for earning benefits on flights.

How do I Earn Mileage Plan Miles with Alaska Air?

When you join, you get a Mileage Plan number from Alaska Airlines. You can use your User ID and Password to link this number to your reservation and start earning miles. If you want to know different ways you can earn Miles benefits, here are the details:

Book Flights with Alaska Airlines

You can earn miles every time you fly with Alaska Airlines. The airline has a history of offering about 30% more miles on flights than average airline frequent flyer plans. Just login to your Alaska Airlines mileage plan account and book flights.

Plan Itinerary with Alaska Air Partners

You can fly on the airline’s oneworld Alliance and other global partners and earn Mileage Plan miles. This option gives you a chance to earn and use miles for flying to more than a thousand destinations.

Get an Airlines Credit Card(Alaska Air)

If you have an Alaska Airlines credit card, you can earn 3 mileage plan miles for every 1 dollar you spend on eligible purchases with the airline. Besides, for each dollar spent on gas, you earn 2 miles. Also, you can earn 2 miles per dollar spent for cable, local transit, ride share, and selected streaming services as well. The rest of the service purchases earn you 1 mile per dollar.

Book a Hotel or Cruise with Airline Partners

The airline has many hotel and cruise partners where customers can earn Mileage Plan miles. Just check the partners’ list where you can earn qualifying miles and enjoy your vacations.

Rent a Car or Ride Share

You can earn miles while you book a car rental or hire Lyft rides with the airline partners. The total miles you can accumulate will depend on the ride you choose.

Shop with the Airline’s Everyday partners

With some everyday partners of Alaska Air, you can earn miles by doing what you always do. Some simple activities include grocery shopping, dining, shopping, flowers, car-wash, etc. Check for the airline partners and start earning today.

Dial the airline’s customer service phone number to learn more about earning Mileage Plan miles on Alaska Airlines. You can also contact the airline directly through their official contact options.

How to Use Miles Earned with Alaska Airlines?

Similar to how you earn miles on Alaska Airlines, you can use them for different services of the airline. You can travel the world with the airline or their oneworld alliance member and global partners. The airline also gives you options to upgrade seats with Miles under Alaska airlines manage booking service.

Let’s understand where you can book flights with Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan miles.

North American Award Bookings

The below table will make you understand how many miles you need to fly in the 48 North American lower US states, including Alaska, Canada, Hawaii, Mexico, the caribbean, and Central America:

 Economy Award Flights Starting at:First Award Flights Starting at:

48 Lower North American States, Alaska, and Canada:

Distance<700 Miles

Distance B/w 701 & 1400 miles   

Distance B/w 1,401 & 2,100 miles10,00025,000
Flights with Distance>2,101 miles12,50030,000
Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean10,00030,000

Money+Miles Award Booking on Alaska Air

 Economy Fares Starting at
50% off, Max $10010,000 Miles
50% off, Max $20020,000 Miles

International Miles Usage

Here’s the number of miles you need to book international flights to the different destinations in Alaska Airlines fare class options.

Miles Required for booking in:EconomyPremiumBusinessFirst
Indian Subcontinent42,50055,00065,00080,000
South America25,000-45,00085,000
Middle East42,50055,00065,00080,000
South Pacific30,00045,00055,00070,000

Search for award levels to and from destinations outside of the US and Canada on the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan by entering your desired dates and viewing the actual pricing.

What are Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan Terms and Conditions

When you want to enroll or use Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan benefits, you must check the underlying terms and conditions:

  • Individuals can enroll in the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan program by joining online, calling customer care, or using other designated channels.
  • The program is not open to corporations, and Alaska Airlines verifies personal information to prevent misrepresentation and voided transactions in case of fraud.
  • Only the member who travels or purchases goods/services can accrue Mileage Plan miles.
  • You cannot combine or transfer them from multiple accounts except through the Transfer miles option or for Alaska Airlines Bank of America cardholders with a secondary card.
  • Qualifying flights determine the nonstop mileage between origin and destination cities, on which mileage credit is based.
  • There are usually no blackout dates for booking on Alaska Airlines as long as flights are available.
  • Members of the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan program may have the opportunity to earn bonus miles, which will be credited to their Mileage Plan account for a limited time.

There are more associated terms and rules which you can find out if you connect with the Alaska Airlines customer service team.

Final Words

You can book flights with Mileage Plan Miles on Alaska Airlines and enjoy flights at no cash or 50-50 bookings. Turn to Alaskaflytrip and we will share the details of the Mileage plan that are not available in the above article.