How to travel with large groups on Alaska Airlines flights?

Many people love to travel in large groups. They are always in search of an airline offering the best bargain on group travel. If you are one of those who believes in group traveling, then you must book your future journey with Alaska Airlines. The airline is offering incredible group packages, helping thousands to explore the world in groups.

With Alaska Airlines Group Travel, you can fly with ten or more people on the same itinerary without worrying about the charges. Be with this helpful guide that explains the group travel guidelines in layman’s terms.

What Is The Best Way To Book A Group Ticket With Alaska Airlines?

You can book a group to travel with Alaska Airlines online or through their customer service. The airline values passenger situations and allows them to book tickets directly on the website. However, the number of passengers is limited to 7 adults, which may not be ideal for making group bookings.

People who need to travel in large groups of 10 or more need to submit the Alaska Airlines Group Booking form by communicating with a travel agent. You can get connected to the team by executing the following steps:

  • Dial the Alaska Airlines Group Travel Phone Number based on your location.
  • Implement the steps guided by the IVR system.
  • Select the correct option to get connected with the available agent.
  • Share your requirements with the team while stating the reason behind group booking.
  • The agent will check available options and get you the best bargain available.
  • Pay associated charges to gain a confirmation mail on your registered email ID.

Please Note

  • Passengers making group bookings for special events like marriage will get more discounts. Share event details and the team will find all exclusive deals available for you.
  • Alaska Airlines offers huge discounts for Corporate bookings. Notifying the airline in advance will help them make all necessary arrangements.

What is the Alaska Airlines Group Reservations Desk Number?

Contacting the group booking department is the easiest way to make reservations for 10 or more people. However, if you encounter any difficulties or are looking for in-person support, speak to the team by visiting the Alaska Airlines Group Travel Helpdesk, which is present in all major airports.

Reach the dedicated desk at +1-800-445-4435 and speak to the customer service team to finalize your group bookings. The airline also asks you to submit a group travel form mentioning passenger information and contact details. Share the reason for group booking, it enhances your chance to get the best bargain.

How to make a group booking at the airport?

Executing the steps discussed here will allow you to make a group booking at the designated airport. Before initiating the process, make sure you are carrying all required documents.

  • Reach the nearest airport.
  • Mark your way to the Alaska Airlines counter.
  • Submit the group booking form mentioning all the required information.
  • Review the input and submit the form to the available agent.
  • The agent will act on your request and initiate the booking process on your behalf.
  • If the requested date and service are available, they will ask you to make the payment.
  • Once you made the required payment, you will receive confirmation mail on the mentioned email ID.

What are the different types of group travel packages offered by Alaska Airlines?

Alaska Airlines understands passengers may need to travel in large groups due to family functions, friend reunions, corporate meetings, or for any other reasons. To help them out, the airline is offering group travel in three categories. Continue with us to discover more about it:

Travel Separately

  • Alaska Airlines has a special travel package for groups of 20 or more people traveling from multiple departure points to the same destination.
  • They can travel separately and also enjoy a group discount by contacting the group desk. The team will share a special discount code which helps passengers to save huge on booking charges.
  • Travel separately booking gets a flexible window to make required changes via a travel agent. The airline offers an extended window to travel; passengers can travel up to 3 days before and 3 days after the final event.
  • Alaska Airlines does allow the choice of preferred flight departure time on all Group Booking. They have the flexibility to choose the most appropriate timing, respecting their personal preferences.
  • Travel separately booked flights give you a chance to earn tour conductor credits for a round-trip flight made under one group code. However, to earn points, at least 40 bookings need to be made with the same group code.

Travel Together

  • The airline does have a travel-together package for groups of 10 or more traveling from the same departure point to the same destination point.
  • Passengers traveling on the same itinerary can enjoy group discounts. To do so, they must contact the Alaska Airlines Group Travel department directly.
  • The team will conduct extensive research to find you the best available deals. You will receive a pre-applied discounted rate, which eventually allows you to enjoy more savings.
  • Unlike other packages, travel together bookings do not require a deposit. You do not need to make any future commitment, and the best part is that you get a free name change facility up to 3 days prior to departure.
  • The name change facility is available within 3 days of scheduled departure; however, you will need to pay applicable fees and taxes.
  • You will have access to the guaranteed special fare deals. During the journey, you will also earn tour conductor credits for round trips. At least 30 bookings need to be made under the same group code to qualify for tour conductor credits.

Charter Flight

  • For events and large gatherings, the airline offers charter flight service. It is ideal for marriage functions, only-girl parties, or any large gatherings.
  • You are free to make changes to the schedule. The service is available within the United States, Canada, and Mexico.
  • The airline allows you to make decisions on the menu and departure point. For this, you must speak to the airline in advance.
  • You have no complaints about space, as you own the entire aircraft. The best part is that you hold the keys, so you can fly to your event destination whenever you want.


Group bookings with Alaska Airlines allow you to save more while giving you the flexibility to choose the best. You can select the package according to your needs and make suitable changes in the schedule for a better experience. If you have any queries regarding group travel, speak to the customer service team immediately. The agent will solve your concern and help you get the best and desired result.