My Alaska Airlines Flight is Delayed!!! Now What?

Everything to Know About Alaska Airlines Flight Delay Compensation

Although flight delays are common, no passenger wishes to go through the hassle of missing out on their vacation due to a significant delay. Alaska Airlines makes it easier for passengers to handle such situations. If you experience a flight delay and the operator is Alaska Airlines, it will try to offer you compensation in the best way possible.

The airline usually accommodates customers facing a longer delay or cancellation on the next available flight free of charge. If you are looking forward to refunds, it’s too early to think about that. Alaska Airlines puts your comfort above anything, and in this guide, we will explain the airline’s rules and guidelines for you in such situations.

So, read on to figure out what your options are depending on the time of delay and the amount of compensation you can get from Alaska Airlines.

How Does Alaska Handle Flight Delays For Customers?

Usually, as per USDOT, no airline is liable to compensate the customers for a delay or cancellation. The US Law only urges airlines to compensate for denying passengers to board an oversold flight. However, Alaska Airlines tries to solve your issue by helping you reach your destination as soon as possible.

In short, the airline offers you some rebooking options as a way of compensation instead of giving you cash refunds. Let’s see what amenities you can get in case of a flight delay or cancellation,

What Do You get for an Alaska Airlines Delayed Flight?

All these options are available for you if the circumstances are within Alaska Airlines control based on your situation:

  • For a delay of one or more hours, you can request the airline to assist you in calling your relatives/ friends/ family at the destination about it.
  • If the delay extends beyond three hours, you can get a seat on a new flight to your destination, depending on the seat availability.
  • In case of a delay of three or more hours for a new flight, the airline will provide a meal option for free to each guest waiting.
  • When you are at an airport that is 100 miles or more away from your home and the new flight is after an overnight stay, you can also get complimentary hotel accommodations.

Please note that,

  1. Hotels are available as single or family rooms.
  2. You can also get ground transportation to the hotel if it is around the airport.
  3. If no voucher or hotel is available, you will get proper reimbursement and transportation costs for the same.

As long as you have a valid ticket with Alaska Airlines, they will provide you with the above benefits and compensate you in any way that ensures you maximum comfort.

What Happens in Case of a 3-Hour Flight Delay on Alaska Airlines?

If the situation is under Alaska Airlines control and the delay is over 3 hours or more, and you have to wait for that long for a new flight as well, you must inform the airline. If you ask, the airline will offer you a delay compensation or cancellation reimbursement in the form of:

  • 2000 Miles in your Mileage Plan account.
  • At least a $50 discount code, valid for one year from the date of issuance.

Customers can use it to cover a fare in the future, or apply this code to a future travel costing more than its value. Check out the Alaska Airlines discount code terms and conditions for more information.

Am I Eligible for Compensation at All? If yes, How Much?

As we already mentioned, you are not eligible for compensation but an alternate flight in case of an Alaska Airlines delay of three hours or more. So, the only compensation you usually receive is:

  1. An available seat booking on an alternate flight to your destination.
  2. A flight to your first stopover within one hour after the flight’s departure/ arrival.

Alaska Airlines compensates customers in the USA traveling outside Canada or Europe with

  1. An alternate flight within 1-2 hours of the original flight or 200% of the fare ($775 max)
  2. After 2 hours or more, there is no alternate flight, so the airline offers 400% of the fare ($1,550 max).

Check the table below for details:

Compensation DueInternational DelaysDomestic Delays
Zero Compensation0 to 1-hour0 to 1-hour
200% of one-way costs(max:$775)1-4 hours1 to 2 hours
400% of one-way costs(max:$1550)More than 4 hoursMore than 2 Hours

For Flights Originating in Canada

The below table describes how much compensation you will get depending on significant delays for Alaska Airlines flights that originate in Canada.

Compensation DueInternational Delays
Zero Compensation0 to 1-hour
CAD 4001-4 hours
CAD 800More than 4 hours

Compensation based on EU’s EC 261 Rule for Delays

The EU’s Law for flight delay compensation states that customers can get up to 600 Euros in compensation in different circumstances. The table below explains the situations when you are entitled to this amount:

ConditionEligibility for Compensation up to 600 EUROS
Flight departure from EU airport and arrival 3+ hours late at the destination airportYes
Flight cancellation without 14 days prior noticeYes
Delay caused by any situation under direct airline controlYes
Missed connecting flight due to delay and not willing to travel anymoreYes

How Much Can I Claim?

If your flight is delayed for 3+ hours and the distance of the flight is at least 1500 KM or more, you can check the table below. This shows the amount of compensation you can receive from Alaska Airlines as per EU law:

Distance of FlightCompensation Claim
under 1,500 km>= €250
1,500 - 3,500 km>= €400
over 3,500 km>=€600

Contact the Alaska Airlines customer service team to further discuss delays and the amount of compensation.

How To Claim Flight Delay Compensation from Alaska Airlines?

Experiencing a delay in flights with Alaska Airlines? Now, you can claim compensation from the airline in a few simple steps.

Check the Nature of Delay

Start by checking the reason for your flight delays. Alaska Airlines notifies its customers in advance if a significant delay is going to happen. See whether it is a delay due to weather or other uncontrollable circumstances or it's something under the airline’s control.

Inform Alaska Airlines

If the delay happened due to a reason under the airline’s control, you can inform them about it and tell them your concerns about your trip plans.

Check your Options

You can visit the Alaska Airlines official website( to check your options in case of a delay and whether you qualify for any compensation.

Get Alternatives

The website will show you all your options and alternatives that you can ask for when a delayed flight occurs, and you can not afford to miss your travel.

Call Alaska Airlines to Ask For Compensation

You can call the Alaska Airlines customer service team for compensation, or you can request it through the flight delay compensation form, if available. The airline will try its best to reimburse you properly if the delayed flight gets canceled.

Follow Up

After requesting compensation, follow up and constantly communicate with the airline to understand how long it will take to get you compensation.

What Happens During a Delay Due to Alaska Airlines Aircraft Change?

There are times when airlines need to change the aircraft without giving a prior notice or warning to the passengers. In that case, the airline attempts to inform the passengers quickly as the connection to other flights or airlines is not guaranteed. However, the airline does not hold a responsibility to offer you any further explanation. You can check your compensation options through the Alaska Airlines manage booking section and look forward to your alternate flights.

Alaska Airlines Compensation Options Due to Schedule Irregularity

When the delay or schedule irregularity of flights affects passengers, the airline will do the following for you:

  • Arrange a transport option to your next destination or stopover on another flight with available seats on any cabin at no extra costs.
  • Offer a refund or compensation directly to your account. But there are some exceptions:
    • Canceled Alaska flights between two cities due to schedule changes will be rerouted by other carriers at no extra cost.
    • No refunds for force majeure events.

Check your options under Alaska Airlines flight delay compensation through consumer forum sites like Reddit, TripAdvisor, etc. If you are not satisfied with anything, call Alaska Airlines for assistance.

Final Words

If you follow our easy guide above, you can easily get flight delay compensation from Alaska Airlines. If you still have questions, connect with the airline’s specialists or connect with our special team for better help and services.