Everything You Should Know about Alaska Airlines First Class

A Look Inside the Alaska Airlines First Class Cabins and Their Amenities

Long-haul journeys are exhausting, but a first-class ticket on the plane can help you get through them. If you have an upcoming journey with too many hours of sitting back on a stiff airplane seat, you can try Alaska Airlines' first class booking. This special cabin is available on both domestic and international flights.

Often, passengers choose a lower-level cabin because first-class tickets are expensive and take a toll on their budget. Alaska Airlines helps you avoid that stress by giving you first-class options at an affordable price.

So, you can get ready to fly with utmost comfort with exceptional services onboard and on the ground. Use our friendly guide below to take a better look inside the Alaska Airlines first class cabins and book your flights to enjoy amazing amenities.

How Do I Book a Flight in Alaska Airlines First Class Cabins?

To book your seats in Alaska Airlines first class cabins, you have two simple methods: Online or Offline. So, you can go to the airline’s website or mobile app or call their customer service team ti request your bookings. Here are the details below:

Steps to Book Alaska Airlines First Class tickets online

  • Login to the alaskaair.com site or their mobile app.
  • Open the Booking tab and begin your basic search.
  • Choose your preferred travel details.
  • Select the First Class Cabin option.
  • Choose whether you wish for a 100% refundable ticket or not.
  • Recheck everything and provide passenger details.
  • Pay the ticket price after double-checking your entries.
  • Receive your confirmation from the airline.

Steps to Book First class seats with Alaska Airlines over the Phone

  • Find the Alaska Airlines phone number or dial 1-800-252-7522.
  • Follow the IVR instructions.
  • Select New Booking from the menu.
  • Wait to connect with an agent.
  • Tell him your requirements.
  • Provide the details of your flight and travel class preference
  • He will offer you some good options for your route.
  • Select one you like and complete the booking.

The agent will send you a confirmation after completing the process. You can use that email to further request a boarding pass or simply adjust your booking information.

Why Choose Alaska Airlines First Class?

Although there can be many reasons to fly in the first class cabins, major reasons why you should prefer 180-degree recliners over fully lie-flat seating are:

  1. Let’s say you were originally planning to book a lower cabin on Alaska Airlines flights. So, why would you choose First Class, which is comparatively expensive? Well, here’s the deal:
    1. First Class Seats are more spacious than lower cabins.
    2. A long-haul journey in economy is so tiring that you’ll end up with two days of jet lag.
    3. You get extra perks like more baggage allowance and free lounge access on some first-class flights.
  2. For another example, suppose you were trying to book another airline’s first-class seats. In that case, you are already missing out on the best. Why?
    1. Because Alaska Airlines guarantees the most luxurious travel experience and maximum legroom than any other domestic airline’s first-class cabins.

Convinced yet? If not, read more about the first-class seating on Alaska flights and how they are the best for you.

Alaska Airlines First Class Experience On The Ground

If you book Alaska Airlines first-class seats, your experience begins before you board the flight. When you are still on the ground, you enjoy outstanding services like lounge access, speedy check-in, etc. Here are the details on perks that you enjoy before you are on the plane:

Dedicated Check-in

There are dedicated check-in counters at the airport, which let you skip the long queues and check in earlier than the rest of the passengers. This option is exclusive to first-class ticket holders.

First Class Lounges

If you have Alaska Airlines’ paid first-class ticket or award booking, you can get access to the lounges. However, the flight distance must be at least 2100 miles for complimentary entry to these lounges

Note: Club 49 members get access to first-class flights to, from, or through Alaska on paid or award tickets, regardless of flight distance. A Single-Entry Lounge Pass is available for $30 at a discount if you're traveling on a paid First Class ticket or a First Class award ticket and no single flight is over 2,100 miles.

Priority Boarding and Deplaning

Alaska Airlines offers priority boarding and deplaning options to first-class ticket holders. Some select airports also have an express security screening facility for such customers.

Pre-Order Meals

First-class passengers can pre-order their food up to 20 hours before the flight’s departure. This option is available for Alaska Airlines flights on Airbus or Boeing with a distance above 670 miles.

What Do You Get Onboard an Alaska Airlines First Class Flight?

Although there are exceptional facilities on the ground, the perks onboard a first-class Alaska cabin are unmatched. Your experience may include:

Specially Designed-Most Spacious Seats

Your seats have 41 inches of pitch (legroom) on an Alaska Airlines first-class cabin. This is the maximum so far, higher than any other US domestic carrier.

Dedicated Attendants

You get personalized assistance from flight attendants with your booking in first class. You’ll have a helping hand always in your reach no matter what you want.

Excellent Food And Drinks Menu

They have an exceptional food menu that boasts freshly sourced local ingredients and is prepared with care. Besides, their complementary drink menu contains premium options, enough for you to savor the taste for long.

Extra Checked Baggage Allowance

Carry-on allowance is the same for almost all Alaska Airlines flight cabins, but for checked baggage, you get more allowance with your first-class ticket. The airline permits you to bring two bags each for free to check them in the luggage compartment.

Wi-Fi and Unlimited Entertainment

With your first-class tickets, you get unlimited entertainment options and fast satellite Wi-Fi for just $8. So, you can stay connected even 1000 miles above the ground.

Note: Some aircraft still have basic Wi-Fi, so check when you book your flights.

How Do I Upgrade to First-Class on Alaska Airlines?

If you have already booked a flight in the main cabin or saver fares, you can even choose to upgrade your seats to first class on Alaska Airlines. The upgrade facility is available through the Alaska Airlines manage booking feature. You can also get complimentary upgrades from the airline with your Mileage Plan benefits. But here, we will discuss how you can request an upgrade by yourself.

Request a First Class Upgrade at the time of booking

If you have not completed the initial booking process, you can choose to upgrade your seats to first class right at that time. For some extra charge, Alaska Airlines will let you choose first-class tickets, and you do not have to go through the hassle of managing your booking later. (Not every passenger qualifies for such upgrades; check eligibility before booking.)

Ask for an Upgrade before the flight’s Departure

If you had a discounted fare, you won’t qualify for immediate upgrades at booking. But you can request one later through manage booking. You can ask for such upgrades depending on your MVP status on Alaska Airlines.

Paid Alaska Airlines Upgrades

You can also upgrade your seats by paying extra, which starts at just $23. However, always check your current fare to know the eligibility.

Apart from these, there are more options for requesting first-class upgrades from Alaska Airlines, which you can find out by contacting an airline expert.

Final Say

Luxury comes at a price, but with our guide to booking Alaska Airlines first-class seats, you can grab it without breaking the bank. Check out all the facilities in first class offered by the airline before you book, and if you still have queries, ask our experts. They will help you arrange an itinerary that offers the most comfort and maximum benefits. So, hurry up and get ready to fly to your favorite destination with seats in first class and enjoy the most exceptional experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can find first class seating options on Alaska Airlines. Unlike other carriers, Alaska’s first class does not have lie-flat seats. Instead, the airline offers a full recliner seat for the customers. So, yes, you can fly in comfort, but make sure to choose your seats wisely.

The Alaska Airlines first class seats offer customers a comfortable experience and have the maximum legroom than in any US domestic airline. The seats are fully spacious, made of leather, and power-packed with outlets, boasting a 41-inch seat pitch.

Yes, Alaska Airlines first class booking can get passengers access to Alaska Lounges. They can relax in comfortable couches and enjoy their personal time while waiting for their departure or connection. Remember, Alaska Airlines lounges are not available in all the cities, but only selected ones.

No, they are completely different from each other. Alaska Airlines Premium select cabins have fewer features than first class cabins. So, they are both premium products, but not at the same level or price.

We can not guarantee you with another airline's booking, but with Alaska Airlines flight tickets, you can get access to Alaska lounges. If your destination has a lounge facility, you can get access to it.