Alaska Airlines ecredit- When Do We Get a Travel Credit From Alaska Airlines?

Does Alaska Airlines Give Ecredit to Customers for Future Travel?

Yes, for most fares, Alaska Airlines has an option for customers to receive a ecredit on their canceled flights and make future travel easier. Although this credit amount has many conditions, you can still get one as long as you abide by the rules associated with your fare.

If you have a sudden change in plan and can not travel with Alaska Airlines again anytime soon, you can cancel flights and get a credit or travel voucher. This ecredit does have an expiration date, but if you travel before that, you can utilize its full value at once toward your future travel. To understand how to receive and use a credit or credit certificate on Alaska Airlines, read more.

Types of Ecredit on Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines offers you future travel credits, gift certificates, etc, for various reasons. There are also flight pass credits, which are only available to subscribers. Here are the details of different types of credits on Alaska Airlines and how you get them.

Travel Credit

Alaska Airlines issues a travel credit in return for changing or canceling a non-refundable booking. This credit is applicable towards your future travel, valid for 12 months after purchase or 30 days after the cancellation of the ticket. This amount gets transferred to your Alaska Airlines account wallet.

Credit Certificates

Customers who do not want a credit in their wallet directly can request a credit certificate through Alaska Airlines, again valid for future travel. This certificate is usually available in the email, which contains the certificate code and a PIN. Both of the options are necessary when you redeem this certificate for future travel.

Gift Certificates

These certificates are available to customers on Purchase or as compensation for an involuntary cancellation or change that is not in the customer’s favor. Simply put you either purchase your certificate from Alaska Airlines channels or you get it for free as a rebate from the airline.

Discount Codes

These codes are the most simple form of ecredit codes. These allow you to shed off the extra amount from your booking fare. If you enter a discount code at the time of booking Alaska Airlines flights, you can save a straight 100 bucks or more per booking.

Does Alaska Airlines give credit for canceled flights?

Yes, as mentioned earlier, Alaska Airlines does give customers flight credit for canceled flight tickets with nonrefundable fares. This ecredit is also convertible to credit certificates to use them later when you require them the most.

However, this credit has a date of expiry, and you must utilize its value as soon as possible. Also, try to use the whole amount, as these credits, once used, contain no residual value.

When Do I Get an Alaska Airlines Future Travel Credit Certificate?

Alaska Airlines offers future travel credit certificates to customers who have canceled or changed their flight reservations. The exact timing of when you will receive the certificate depends on the specific circumstances of your reservation.

Generally, if you cancel or change your reservation more than 60 days prior to the scheduled departure, you will receive the certificate within seven business days. If you cancel or change your reservation within 60 days of the scheduled departure, you will typically receive the certificate within 24 hours. You can lookup the Alaska Airlines flight credit through your account login after the given time to review whether you have received one or not

How long is Alaska Airlines credit good for?

The Alaska Airlines flight credit is good for one year from the date of ticket purchase or 30 days after the issuance. Usually, whichever option lasts longer decides the expiration date for your flight credit for future travel with Alaska Airlines.

You can check the details of your ecredit through its unique number available in your account details or the reference email received on ticket cancellation.

Where do I Find My Alaska Airlines Credit Certificate?

To find your Alaska Airlines ecredit certificate, you can check your email and find one sent from the address “” Or you can follow the instructions below:

  • Login to your email on your phone or any other device.
  • Find a mail from with a credit certificate code and a PIN number.
  • You can also search for “Your Alaska Airlines credit certificate” subject line.

For any certificates issued before 2 November 2021, you will find 2 separate emails from the given address, with individual emails containing the code and PIN, respectively. The second email with the PIN will have a subject line reading “Your PIN has arrived.” If you have canceled a flight for the credit recently and can not find the email, call the Alaska Airlines customer service team for assistance.

How to use Alaska Airlines flight credit or certificate?

To use a flight credit or a certificate from Alaska Airlines, you need a credit number or certificate code with a usage PIN. Here are the complete details to use and book with the help of a certificate.

For Travel Credit
  • Follow the general booking steps of Alaska Airlines.
  • Reach the payments page.
  • Click on the Wallets and Certificates option.
  • Choose the “Use Travel Credit” option.
  • Confirm your booking.

The airline will first deduct your travel credit amount, and if there is a remaining balance, you have to pay it in full using other available methods.

For Credit Certificates
  • Look for flights on the Alaska Airlines booking website,
  • After selecting everything, go to the Payments option.
  • Choose the “Use Certificates or Gift Cards” option under the Wallets & Certificates section.
  • Enter the Certificate Code and PIN

For using more than 4 certificates, remember to deposit them in your wallet before paying and match the PIN to the correct certificate code before proceeding.

Note: Unlike eCredit benefits, the balance remaining on your Alaska Airlines credit certificates stays unless it expires. So, you can book again if you want.

Is Alaska Airlines travel credit transferable?

No, Alaska Airlines travel credit and certificate is not transferable. So, you must use it by yourself in your account. However, with your own wallet, you can book travel for anyone, there is no issue with that. The same rules apply for travel credit, wallet balance, and credit certificates. Remember to go through the terms and conditions for travel credits before you complete the transactions.

Can I refund My Alaska Airlines Credit to My Wallet?

Yes. If you want to keep track of your credit certificates, you can deposit them into your wallet directly. In order to make this deposit, you can follow the instructions below:

  • Login to your account on Alaska Airlines and find the credit certificates page.
  • Click on Deposit to Your Wallet.
  • Enter your certificate code and PIN.
  • Confirm the deposit.

Now, whenever you need to use these, you can sign in and shop for flights. The airline will keep this balance as it is unless it expires. You can locate the expiration dates of your account by logging in, and clicking on 'Wallet Activity' from the left-hand side. After that, select 'Available Funds' from the wallet drop-down list to view.

Quick Recap- Alaska Airlines Ecredit

Using an Alaska Airlines ecredit is simple. Follow the above steps and see more options available by the airline. You can also consider the terms and conditions of your particular fare before using this credit. Call the Alaska Airlines team for better information on obtaining and using this credit amount for your needs.

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