Do Alaska Airlines Offer Discount Codes?

Yes, you can grab a cost-effective Alaska Airlines discount code for a cheap travel experience. So, when you book flight tickets, spend less with discounts. Thankfully, Alaska offers you some for budget trips.

As the name suggests, use the code given to avail of the discount on your flight tickets. So, keep your travel dates flexible, use credit cards, look for promo codes, or go for certain fare types to make the most of these discounts. There are buy one, get one and military discounts among others that Alaska offers.

So, regular travelers or those having elite status with loyalty program membership with the airline, every passenger can save money with Alaska. Now, go through the account that follows to know more about the Alaska discount code for an affordable trip.

What is an Alaska Airlines Discount Code?

On buying a new ticket from Alaska Airlines, you can get a discount on your reservations easily. It helps you book tickets at reduced prices, when applicable. So, it is important to be aware of the offer's validity to redeem it in time.

Check the period till the offer lasts on the official website of Alaska Airlines, its mobile app, and EasyBiz®. Once the offer period expires, you can’t redeem the discount code.

Please note

You book your tickets with a discount. Thereafter, the offer period closes and you cancel or change your booking. In such a case, Alaska forfeits the discount on your booking.

Does Alaska Offer Companion Fare Codes?

Yes, you can grab a companion fare on Alaska Airlines booking and purchase a roundtrip ticket at low fares. Save money on Alaska trips with Companion Fare when two people fly together on the same itinerary.

You get discount codes with Alaska’s Companion fare codes. These are issued as annual benefits to the eligible cardholders as follows -

CanadaThe USA
World Elite® Mastercard®Alaska Airlines Visa®
Platinum Plus® Mastercard®Alaska Airlines Visa® Business card

Things to Remember when using Alaska Companion Fares

  • Primary cardholders automatically get a code added into their Alaska Mileage Plan account. They can use it to travel with a friend or family member on eligible flights.
  • When you pay the first ticket at full fare, the cost of the second ticket will be $99 inclusive of fees and taxes.
  • Gift and credit certificates are not considered discount codes. You must mention the codes of credit and gift certificate on the Payment page. Make sure to enter the PIN associated with them.

Please note

  • Use your companion fare within a year after it is issued, otherwise it will expire.
  • A companion fare can be redeemed or transferred only by the cardholder.

Where Can I Find Discount Codes?

You can find an Alaska Airlines discount code included in your -

  • Mileage Plan™ correspondence
  • Direct mail
  • via promotional partners
  • Special advertisements and marketing campaigns
  • Insider Newsletter
  • Social media channels

However, your account profile has some of the discount codes that include companion fare codes. Only eligible cardholders get these codes.

How Can I Use an Alaska Discount Code?

When you want to use a discount code with Alaska booking, all you have to do is to -

Visit the official website of Alaska Airlines

  • Open page.
  • Go to the box that mentions ‘Discount’.
  • Select your travel dates and cities.
  • Click the button of View Terms to go through the terms and conditions.

Use credit card

Alternatively, you can go with the benefits of your credit card. When used for general bookings, your travel card can help with low flight fares.

If you are looking forward to flying on an Alaska Airlines flight for a student trip with a discount, check if your credit card allows you to avail of this advantage. However, the credit card benefits of the airline offer Annual Companion Fare from $121 ($99 fare plus taxes and fees from $22).

To know more, get in touch with a customer service executive of Alaska Airlines.

What are the Terms and Conditions to Use Alaska Air Discount Code?

Before using discount codes with Alaska, here are some terms and conditions that you should know about -

  • You can apply only one discount code on each reservation.
  • With Alaska Air, you don’t get any birthday discount code for your trips.
  • The airline allows you to use its discount codes along with any of the following -
    • Credit certificates
    • Gift certificates
    • Wallet funds
  • Only original purchases can avail discount codes.
  • You can get e-tickets with up to eight segments only on airfare purchases with discount codes through -
    • The website of Alaska Airlines
    • The Alaska Airlines mobile app
    • EasyBiz
  • Discount codes have one-year validity from the date of issue.
  • You can’t apply discount codes to -
    • Mileage Plan award bookings
    • all flights and itineraries having point-to-point and through fares, used to construct total cost
    • Ticket exchanges
  • For tickets, events, travel, and lodging, Alaska Airlines offers UW Mileage Program, giving student discount and low fares to the UW faculty and staff. Join Mileage Plan to save $25 on flight bookings. And why not? Alaska Airlines has joined hands with the University of Washington to serve Washington and the world.

Please note

  • Every flight's departure and arrival calculates point-to-point fares.
  • For information in details, get in touch with the customer service executive of Alaska Air.

How Much Does Alaska Reduce with its Discount Code?

As of now, Alaska has not announced the percentage of reduction that it will offer with its discount code. However, the airline gave a 30% off on travel in 2021.

The airline has made the offer valid on flights operated -

  • By Alaska Airlines
  • On behalf of Alaska Airlines by Horizon Air and SkyWest

So, when you look for grabbing discount codes to fly cheap with Alaska this year -

  • Get in touch with its customer service executive
  • Look for blackout dates
  • Check the number of travelers flying together on the same reservation
  • Routes

Can I Get an Alaska Airlines Discount Code at Reddit?

Yes, you can find Alaska Airlines discount code at Reddit in 2024 easily. This helps you save more on your Alaska flight reservations. Grab huge discounts, exciting deals and coupons on Alaska flight tickets.

Additionally, you can find Reddit Coupon on the official website of Alaska Airlines.

Does Alaska Offer a First Responder Discount?

Professionals who handle emergency situations such as police officers, firefighters, and paramedics get the first responder off for travel. When traveling with Alaska Airlines, these officials are entitled to the first responder discount, whether they are active-duty or retired.

The discount is offered as gratitude to their selfless services. Apart from checking the discount available in 2024 with Alaska executives, you can check the discount on various other websites as well.

The First Responder Discount Code Validity

  • Discount Codes have almost 3 months’ validity.
  • Promo Codes can be valid for only 20 days.

If you grab this discount directly from the airline, check its validity on its website or through customer service before using it.

What is Alaska Airlines AAA Discount?

Making flight trips more affordable for its travelers, Alaska Airlines offers a discount code to its AAA (American Automobile Association) members. Thereby, the members can get up to 10% off on select flights.

To avail of this discount, simply -

  • Visit the website of Alaska.
  • Check your eligibility to grab the discount/deal.

AAA members get discount promotions on Alaska Airlines that make their trips much more affordable. Are you an AAA member? If not, join this membership today!

In Conclusion

Therefore, book your next trip with Alaska Airlines discount code and save big on flight fares. Choose from a host of available discounts for a pocket-friendly affair. From family holidays to business trips, Alaska Airlines offers you something or the other for a budget booking.

And reach out to the prompt customer services of the airline for any assistance regarding your discount code booking. So, when are you booking with Alaska Airlines next? Grab the discounts before they are gone!

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find an Alaska Airlines discount code in the insider Newsletter, your correspondence mail of Mileage Plan, direct mail from the airline, etc. Sometimes, you may find these codes in the local ad newspaper or through the airline’s other promotional partners.

Yes, Alaska Airlines offers discounts from time to time to its customers. Their seasonal deals are the best out there. However, if you are a working individual, you can benefit from Alaska Airlines holiday discounts. So, there is an offer for every customer with Alaska Airlines.

An Alaska Airlines discount code is valid for up to a year after the date of issuance. You can avail of the same before its expiration to fully utilize its value.

An Alaska Airlines discount code can save you up to 30% on a single itinerary. The discount value is from the data observed for the past year. If you want a discount code this year, please visit the airline’s discount code section today.

To save money on Alaska Airlines and enjoy more deals, you can check the insider tips to get the lowest fares from the airline. For details:

  • Book early.
  • Check off-season dates
  • Keep looking for deals
  • Try a low-fare calendar, etc., to get a good deal on booking.

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