A Complete User Guide to Book Alaska Airlines Flights to Atlanta!

Want to explore the A-town or simply “Atlanta” city but don’t know where to book your flights? You can now fly Alaska Airlines for your domestic or international escapade to Atlanta. The airline offers cheap flights to the city and lets you explore the New York of the South within your expected budget. If you check Alaska Airlines flights to Atlanta on their official website, you’ll find plenty of options, and from many locations, the flight costs start as low as $129. Although this promotion is a limited-time offer, there are many more available with the carrier.

If you have plans to explore Atlanta on a Budget, there’s no better option for you than Alaska Airlines. Read below the necessary information regarding your flights and available offers before booking and getting the maximum benefits.

How Do I Book Flights to Atlanta with Alaska Airlines?

You can visit the Alaska Airlines official website, enter your departure details, and choose Atlanta as your destination to book flights to the city. Or, you can call Alaska Airlines customer service number 1-800-252-7522 or +1 (888) 507-7522 (No Wait) to confirm your tickets Let’s understand the process in detail below:

Steps to Book Alaska Airlines Flights to Atlanta

  • Open the Official website of Alaska Airlines and enter the Booking section.
  • Choose a departure airport and select your destination as any airport in Atlanta.
  • Select the type of trip and choose your travel dates accordingly.
  • Enter the number of passengers and click search.
  • Find the flight that suits your needs, and choose a preferred fare option.
  • Check-out and provide the passenger details.
  • Review the trip details and finalize payments.

Upon completion of your booking, the airline will provide confirmation and subsequently send an email containing comprehensive trip details. This email will include all entry requirements for Atlanta.

Booking Alaska Airlines Atlanta Flights Via Customer Service

  • Dial the Alaska Airlines customer service number 1-800-252-7522 or +1 (888) 507-7522 (OTA).
  • Follow the Voice Instructions and choose New Bookings from the prompts.
  • Connect to the live agent and explain to him your route to Atlanta.
  • Provide details of your flight and itinerary.
  • Confirm an option that he gives.
  • Provide your details to the agent.
  • Get the Payment link and complete the payment for the selected flight.

You will receive a confirmation email with the trip requirements. If you have a round-trip flight, manage your time accordingly for both time zones.

Where Does Alaska Airlines Fly In Atlanta?

Alaska Airlines flies to Atlanta’s only major airport- Hartsfield Jackson International(ATL). You can also book flights from Atlanta to your specific destination with Alaska Airlines. Before you book a ticket, check the airport location and terminal information below for a smooth transition at the airport.

Alaska Airlines Atlanta Airport Location

The Hartsfield Jackson International Airport is at the address:

6000 Terminal

Parkway South

Atlanta, GA


You can find the Alaska Airlines office at the GAte D3, and their ticket counter is North Terminal, Hartsfield Door N-4 at Positions 9 & 10.

Important Note: If you are traveling out of Atlanta with Alaska Airlines, make sure to arrive around 3 hours before the departure time.

How Much Does a One-Way Flight to Atlanta Cost?

A one-way flight to Atlanta with Alaska Airlines can vary in cost based on your departure location. On average, a domestic flight to Atlanta can cost anywhere between $120 to $600. The cost can be more or less depending on the season you are traveling and the time of the day. There are many deals and offers also available on Alaska Airlines, which you can benefit from. As mentioned above, an Alaska Airlines flight from Seattle to Atlanta will cost you around $129 dollars each way. You can check other deal information below:

Current Alaska Airlines One-Way Saver Fare Deals to Atlanta

  • Seattle (SEA) to Atlanta (ATL)

- One-way | Saver

- Departure: Dec 9, 2023

- Starting from $129*

  • Portland (PDX) to Atlanta (ATL)

- One-way | Saver

- Departure: Sep 22, 2024

- Starting from $209*

  • San Diego (SAN) to Atlanta (ATL)

- One-way | Saver

- Departure: Dec 11, 2023

- Starting from $149*

  • Anchorage (ANC) to Atlanta (ATL)

- One-way | Saver

- Departure: Feb 20, 2024

- Starting from $250*

The above are the flights and best deals with top routes of Atlanta on Alaska Airlines. If you want additional information, call Alaska Airlines live person for assistance or connect via other methods.

How Long does a flight between Alaska and Atlanta take?

The duration of an Alaska Airlines flight between Alaska and Atlanta can vary depending on the specific route and any layovers. On average, a nonstop flight from Anchorage, Alaska to Atlanta, Georgia takes around 7 hours and 30 minutes. But with layovers, the journey can take anywhere from 8 hours to 16 hours or more. You can check the duration of the flight from your exact departure point when you book tickets on the Alaska website or ask a customer service representative when on the phone.

Does Alaska Airlines fly to anywhere else in Georgia?

No. Alaska Airlines only flies to Atlanta in Georgia. You can find major airline routes and check the available deals on Alaska Airlines flights to Atlanta, Georgia. For booking tickets you can check the available offers on the airline’s website, or dial the Alaska Airlines customer service phone number for immediate assistance.

What are the entry requirements for Atlanta?

To enter Atlanta, you will need a valid passport and a visa if you are traveling from a country that requires one. Additionally, you may need to provide proof of vaccination and/or a negative COVID-19 test result, depending on the country you are traveling from. Although the airline has eased restrictions on travel right now, your country of origin can cause you to be tested beforehand.

Are there any additional charges for baggage on Alaska Airlines flights to Atlanta?

As for baggage charges on Alaska Airlines flights to Atlanta, there may be additional fees for checked baggage or overweight/oversized items. You can check the entry and baggage check-in requirements on the Alaska Airlines website before booking a flight ticket and understand the possible options.

What is the seating arrangement on Alaska Airlines flights to Atlanta?

The seating arrangement on Alaska Airlines flights to Atlanta may vary depending on the type of aircraft used for the flight. However, most Alaska Airlines planes offer a standard economy class as well as a first-class section with more spacious seating and additional amenities. You can review the Alaska Airlines seat map on flights to Atlanta while booking or through manage booking. Consult the airline in advance to avoid any confusion.

Final Say

Booking flights is a breeze with Alaska Airlines and when you have travel plans to Atlanta, you have sure a treat planned for you. You can check the necessary information and requirements before booking tickets, and get the best deals. Connect to Alaska Airlines for detailed information on flying to Atlanta.

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